Lampeskærm - pink gradient

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Hand folded lampshade in quality paper with beige nylon cord.
The shade has a fine gradient pattern in pink, pastel yellow and orange. The shade comes with a metal frame, that fits directly on the bulb. Each lamp shade comes with a step-by-step manual.
The lamp shade is available in 6 different sizes.

In this grid below you can find the right size shade, for your table lamp.
Be aware that this is just a guide to give an indication of the size. 
The size of the lamp shade
The height of your table lamp. “Measure from the bottom, to the top of the socket”. The table lamp should be in between these measures:
16 cm
16-22 cm
18 cm
23-26 cm
20 cm
26-29 cm
22 cm
29-36 cm
24 cm
36-40 cm
26 cm
40-45 cm
 NOTE: The lampshade is printed in the highest quality, however you should avoid placing the lampshade in direct sunlight.

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