Hi! We’re Shady Business. 

A business that sells lamps and lamp shades. 

All which are locally sourced, printed and folded in Copenhagen. 

All good things and nothing too shady really. 

However we do love a good pun, almost as much as we love bright colours and fun patterns. 

We are three sisters, all with a passion for vintage, recyclynig and sustainability. This passion has been with us since we were kids, and we were raised with the belief, that nothing good ever should be thrown out. 

Annemette started the company a couple of years ago. She is self taught in all the processes of making a lamp, and running a business. 

Christine has a background as art director, and is the creator of all the vivid ideas for our shades and our brand identity. 

Marianne has a degree in fashion design. She is great at finding creative solutions. She is also the one doing most of the manual labour, in crafting the shades and experimenting with new tecniques. 

Our colorfull shades are printed in cooporation with a danish printing house. They have the nordic ecolabel and are FSC certified. 

We believe that in producing our shades in paper, we have the smallest inpact on the environment compared to other materials. 

The shades are easily recycled, when they are no longer of use to you.